Queer Music Videos (Part Two- Feat. Courtney Act, Ria Mae & Hayley Kiyoko!)

Gold - Ria Mae If you’re yet to hear Ria Mae’s music, let this song and music video be your introduction to a wonderful artist.  I was lucky enough to hear this song for the first time in a live setting when Ria supported Tegan and Sara on their 2017 UK tour.  As soon as... Continue Reading →


Androgynous &/ Queer Fashion (my current top two fashion icons)

I’ve always looked at fashion magazines, desperately hoping to see someone like myself and I’ve been consistently disappointed.  As someone who has leaned towards androgynous clothing, it’s been hard at times to find a sense of style.  For a few years my only fashion inspiration came from Doctor Who and Diva Magazine (I wore a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Miles McKenna

Sometime between yesterday and today, Miles McKenna uploaded a video which helped me to leave the house.  To give some brief context, Miles McKenna is a wonderful queer and trans YouTuber and I am a very anxious person.  I’ve been watching Miles’ videos for a few years, on and off, and have been watching him... Continue Reading →

Gendered Fitting Rooms

c/w- this post includes details of being misgendered in a social setting & experiencing physical and social dysphoria Today, on my way to a Trans &/ Non-Binary Pride event, I stopped to collect an order at one of my favourite clothing stores.  While I was there, I asked if it would be alright for me... Continue Reading →

A History of my Gender Expression (with pictures)

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my gender expression recently, partly because I’m questioning my gender and partly because I work in an office environment where I am significantly more androgynous than my colleagues.  This is a comprehensive run-down of my gender expression and presentation over the years (with, occasionally cringeworthy, pictures included). As... Continue Reading →

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