Body Positivity & Self Acceptance (when you’re queer, trans, non-binary, intersex)

Queer, trans, non-binary and intersex people are taught to hate their bodies.  As queer people we are told that our instincts are wrong, the way we use our bodies for sex and romance is wrong, and that we are ‘unnatural’.  As trans people we are interrogated about surgery, we are told that we were ‘born... Continue Reading →


Being a Person with Periods & Period Products for Trans &/ Non-Binary People

content warning: this post will cover menstruation and periods Periods: gendered, associated with the ‘female sex’, surrounded by taboo and taxes.  I got mine for the first time in months recently.  I have a condition, PCOS, which means that I don’t ovulate regularly or get regular periods.  Every time I get my period I am... Continue Reading →

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