Trans or Tomboy: the intersection between gender presentation and gender identity

As a kid, I didn’t know that I could be a boy.  I didn’t want to be a boy, particularly, but I wanted to do ‘boyish’ things and dress in ‘boyish’ clothes.  My gender presentation and expression were ‘boyish’, but my gender identity was ‘girl’.  I was a tomboy. I was poor and I grew... Continue Reading →


Body Positivity & Self Acceptance (when you’re queer, trans, non-binary, intersex)

Queer, trans, non-binary and intersex people are taught to hate their bodies.  As queer people we are told that our instincts are wrong, the way we use our bodies for sex and romance is wrong, and that we are ‘unnatural’.  As trans people we are interrogated about surgery, we are told that we were ‘born... Continue Reading →

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