Let’s Talk About Andrea Gibson

I first found Andrea Gibson’s spoken word poetry when I was sixteen.  I was browsing through YouTube one night after sixth form college and I came across this video (below).  As I watched that video, for the first time in weeks I really listened.  Looking back at this moment I now realise that I listened... Continue Reading →


Declan McKenna – Paracetamol: A Queer & Trans Music Video

If you don't already know who Declan McKenna is, allow me to give him a brief introduction; Declan McKenna is a millennial with the musical potential to change the world.  His music has the right blend of catchy melody and lyrical fire which can open closed minds.  He has an acute awareness of the intricacies... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Miles McKenna

Sometime between yesterday and today, Miles McKenna uploaded a video which helped me to leave the house.  To give some brief context, Miles McKenna is a wonderful queer and trans YouTuber and I am a very anxious person.  I’ve been watching Miles’ videos for a few years, on and off, and have been watching him... Continue Reading →

Tony Sawicki: Orphan Black’s Forgotten Trans Bandit

I’ve just finished re-watching Orphan Black Season 2, Episode 8.  The single episode in all five seasons which features trans character, Tony Sawicki. Disclaimer: obviously there may be spoilers, also I will be discussing the ‘problematic’ elements of Tony’s character towards the end so please read (or, at least, skim) the whole thing. Trans representation... Continue Reading →

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