Trans or Tomboy: the intersection between gender presentation and gender identity

As a kid, I didn’t know that I could be a boy.  I didn’t want to be a boy, particularly, but I wanted to do ‘boyish’ things and dress in ‘boyish’ clothes.  My gender presentation and expression were ‘boyish’, but my gender identity was ‘girl’.  I was a tomboy. I was poor and I grew... Continue Reading →


Disillusioned with the LGBT Community & I’m Not Trans

I’m writing this outside in the hope that I can gain some kind of fresh perspective and feel further away from the trappings of social media.  One thing you should know about me is this: I hate feeling trapped.  I hate labels and boxes and spaces which people can put me into in order to... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Andrea Gibson

I first found Andrea Gibson’s spoken word poetry when I was sixteen.  I was browsing through YouTube one night after sixth form college and I came across this video (below).  As I watched that video, for the first time in weeks I really listened.  Looking back at this moment I now realise that I listened... Continue Reading →

Gendered Fitting Rooms

c/w- this post includes details of being misgendered in a social setting & experiencing physical and social dysphoria Today, on my way to a Trans &/ Non-Binary Pride event, I stopped to collect an order at one of my favourite clothing stores.  While I was there, I asked if it would be alright for me... Continue Reading →

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