Queery with Cameron Esposito (a queer podcast)

Following my post about the You’re so Brave podcast, I knew that I had to write about another of my favourite podcasts: Queery.  Podcast host, Cameron Esposito, has been one of my queer heroes for the last six years, since I found some fuzzy recordings of her stand-up comedy on YouTube.  Since then she has become a wonderful voice in the queer community, creating numerous pieces of media and resources for and about queer people, most notably her show Take my Wife

Queery episodes are one-to-one discussions between Cameron Esposito and a variety of LGBTQIAP+ guests.  However, this is not an average interview-style piece of rehearsed text, read into a microphone and labelled a ‘podcast’.  It is a wonderful space for free conversation between people regarding identity, relationships, humour, contemplation and individual life experience.  With guests ranging from musicians, Tegan and Sara Quin (on their own, individual episodes!), to, most recently, the incredible poet Andrea Gibson, there’s a conversation for anyone who likes to listen to people talk about their experiences.

There is a unique intimacy between Cameron and her guests.  The conversations feel natural and free from limits, often flowing between topics and forging interesting, multifaceted discussions.  One of my favourite elements of Queery is that each guest introduces themselves, therefore allowing for self-identification and a sense of introduction to the listener.  It’s wonderful to hear the myriad of words and definitions which people associate with themselves.  The podcast doesn’t fear complexity, the discussions stretch across a broad and intricate range of subjects.  Queery doesn’t stray away from tackling tough subjects, from religious upbringings to lack of communication in relationships.  No matter who the guest is, it feels like a real and honest discussion.  However, unlike with much mainstream media, I never have to spend time worrying that something inappropriate or potentially triggering will be said as I’m aware that the people involved in making the show are sensitive to the needs of their audience.   

Finding queer media and resources which appeal to me has had a huge impact on the way in which I perceive my own identity.  It is tough to live in a world where you do not see yourself represented (as I’m sure many of you know).  Often, when there is queer or trans representation, it comes in the form of unhappy, tragic or overly-sexualised media aimed at a heterosexual and cisgender audience.  Queery is like being surrounded by friends, discussing their experiences and identities with charming honesty. 

Since finding this show I have felt a stronger sense of community; I’ve learned that exposure to queer media helps me to feel included and validated.  This feeling is one which prompted me to start this blog in the hope that people can find a multitude of LGBTQIAP+ resources in one place. 

Listen to the podcast or find it on Twitter!  What queer resources and media do you wish everyone knew about?  Are you also a fan of Queery, or perhaps another queer podcast?  Let me know what you’d like to read about in future posts in comments.- AB

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