You’re the Most – Rachael Cantu (a non-binary music video!)

Just days after writing and publishing my Queer Music Videos post, my wishes for more queer, trans and non-binary representation in music and visuals was answered.  The wonderful Rachael Cantu (queer artist and one part of indie duo Little Brutes) tweeted her new music video for You’re the Most and I clicked play immediately.  The video is a rare and beautiful portrayal of a non-binary couple.  Filled with stunning aesthetics, natural imagery and genuine romantic affection- this video gave me everything I could have dreamed of.

You’re the Most provoked a strong emotional response in me.  It is something which I simply never thought I would see: a representation of people like myself in a music video suitable for any audience.  This isn’t an over-sexualised, whitewashed portrayal of queer, non-binary people.  It isn’t voyeuristic or invasive, instead it is a well-observed slice of life.  It doesn’t simply accept that representing non-binary people is ‘enough’ and I am so thankful for that.     

The colour scheme of the video is soft, from faded whites to pale purples, blues and pinks.  The blue, pink and white echo the trans* pride flag with attention to detail which challenges even that of the films of the French New Wave.  Floral bouquets and deep green gardens provide a natural landscape on which to project stunningly natural identification and romance.  This is an aesthetically pleasing piece of art, however, rather than diverting attention from the two people central to the video, the aesthetics serve to accentuate them as individuals and as a couple.  It captures moments as simple as an embrace, laughter, the touch of a hand.    

One of my favourite shots and, subsequently, sequences of this video involves one of the central people looking into a mirror.  The LGBTQIAP+ community is too well-acquainted with impulsive, angry mirror scenes.  The representation we see of queer people observing their own reflection is rarely a positive one and when it is positive, it often exacerbates overused stereotypes (for example, queer people frantically chopping all their hair off in a moment which we are supposed to view as ‘revolutionary’).  The moment in this video is subtle, it carefully views from afar a moment which many of us share with ourselves throughout the day; a simple glance into the mirror, a moment of self-reflection (excuse the pun).  They look at themselves with thoughtful, positive observation and the moment concludes in contented laughter.  It is just one of many genuine and affecting elements within this music video which makes it uniquely wonderful.

I could write for hours about everything in this music video which makes my heart feel happy but instead I’d like you to let me know what you enjoyed about this music video in comments.  If you have any other LGBT+ music videos which you’d like me to discuss, please feel free to link me to them!- AB

featured image taken from You’re the Most, not owned by me, no copyright infringement intended


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