You’re So Brave – A Queer & Trans Podcast

As part of my queer media and resources collection which I’m developing on this blog I wanted to talk a little about my favourite podcast!  The story to how I found You’re So Brave requires a little bit of background so here goes. 

I found Chase Ross’ videos a long time ago when the collaborative YouTube channel FTMtranstastic had just started.  I was young and confused- someone I was in love with had told me that they thought they might be transgender and I had decided to research it in the hope that I would understand and be able to support them.  The more that I researched, the greater my confusion became as I started to realise that I might be trans too.  I will talk more about this in a future blog post but for now I will simply say that I was unable to cope with this thought.  I decided to deal with the thought process in, arguably, not the best way: I forgot all about the person I was and tried to become a whole new ‘normal’ person in the hope that perhaps they would be able to cope with my life for me (if you’ve read my post On Being Queer, you’ll know I’ve struggled with the desire to be ‘normal’ for quite some time).  For a couple of years I forgot about Chase and the FTMtranstastic channel.

Around a year or so ago a familiar face popped up into my YouTube recommendations.  It was early 2017 and I had just started to use therapy techniques in order to begin coping with CPTSD (I had to do this alone as there are no resources for patients with CPTSD in my area of the UK).  In particular, I was trying to regain some sense of my identity.  I had been looking into gender identity again and was watching a number of trans and non-binary YouTubers (who I will discuss more in another post).  I can’t remember if I had watched any of Chase’s videos in the time before this because I was severely mentally-unwell and in an almost constant state of disassociation; I just remember knowing that I had seen his videos somewhere before.  (At the time, I didn’t even remember that I had watched him almost six years before). 

When I clicked the video I found something which felt fresh and new in comparison with so much YouTube content; it was an ordinary conversation between two friends which was educational, comedic and genuine.  I felt some sense of instant comfort simply knowing that this one video existed; then I realised that the podcast had already been running for quite some time and that there was a whole archive of videos to explore.  Throughout 2017 the You’re So Brave podcast became one of the most important resources for me and it helped me as I tried to navigate therapy and regain a sense of identity.  I felt that my thoughts were being represented, explored and explained. 

In You’re So Brave, Chase and Aaron cover a number of topics- from being misgendered, to family dynamics and cis allies.  Their conversations are not only respectful and thoughtful but also hilariously funny.  I recommend you watch their videos/listen to their podcasts chronologically so that you can pick up on the variety of in-jokes which develop over time in the podcasts. Their individual stories have helped me come to a point in life where I’m just now learning about and accepting myself and I’ve no doubt that their podcasts could help others in the LGBTQIAP+ community (as well as allies!).   

I’m so glad to be able to share this podcast with you.  Let me know if you have a favourite podcast or YouTube series and why you love it.-AB

featured image copyright You’re So Brave, I do not own rights to this image, no copyright infringement intended


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