Queer Music Videos (the best of)

Better – Abisha Uhl

One of the best things to come out of 2018 so far is this music video.  If you don’t already know who Abisha Uhl is, she’s a wonderful artist, formerly the frontwoman of Sick of Sarah.  Her music is somewhere between alternative rock and pop-punk with pretty sweet, often hard-hitting lyrics.  Sick of Sarah always stood out to me as a band, particularly in the pop-punk genre, because their music videos were uniquely stunning with great aesthetics and themes.  This music video is on a whole new level of wonderful.  It comprises multiple queer retellings of classic movies, from Forrest Gump to Pulp Fiction to Titanic.  I am acutely aware of how we, the queer/lgbtqiap+ community, are deprived of representation; this music video challenges the heteronormative standards which are maintained by the film industry in a stunningly positive representation of queer narrative and romance. 

BWU – Tegan and Sara

I’m arguably a little biased with this choice as Tegan and Sara have been my favourite band/duo for the last six years.  This song comes off their latest album and is poppy, romantic and a little cheesy depending on how you read the lyrics.  It tackles the idea that simply committing to a relationship is enough, “I love you I don’t need a ring to prove that you’re worthy, you’re under my skin”, a challenging idea in a community which has to fight so hard to get and retain equal marriage laws.  The empty ring box used throughout the video is a stunningly good symbol.  This is my favourite music video from the album, I think it truly fits Tegan and Sara’s style and the intention of the song; it has just the right comedic and classic elements.  The ordinary, hopelessly romantic video really normalises queerness.  I feel that it’s the kind of music video which would be great for introducing straight people to the queer community as it isn’t overtly bold or brash in it’s queerness, but rather, is subtly and casually queer.  (My favourite element of this video is the girl wearing the bow-tie in the conclusion, she’s super cute and reminds me of myself a little).

She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert (original video)

*A quick note: the original upload was taken down from Mary Lambert’s channel and I’m not sure why, however, this is a re-upload from a different user and I’m so thankful that this video is still available to watch as I think it’s one of the most important queer music videos of my generation.*

This music video is incredibly important to me.  I remember watching it for the first time and finally feeling something when watching a relationship play out in a music video.  I think I felt a conflicted sense of joy and sadness, realising that I simply couldn’t relate to most popular media and yet feeling elated that someone had made something which I could relate to.  I remember thinking how wonderful it was, to have a queer narrative in a music video with such a lovely sense of atmosphere and feeling.  The artistic style of the video is stunning, fading in and out of soft focus in an artsy style which parallels the coffee shop setting.  For anyone dreaming of a contented, queer relationship with an indie setting and lovely music: this is the music video for you.

There’s one important connection between all three of these videos: they all have happy endings.  I’m an absolute sucker for a happy ending and when there is a queer happy ending, well, it brings me enough joy to sustain me for quite a while. 

Honorary mentions: Courtney Act – Kaleidoscope, Out of the Blue – Lady Marmalade, Hayley Kiyoko – Feelings.

this is part one- pop over to my part two by clicking here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and hopefully I’ve inspired you to share some of your own favourite queer/lgbtqiap+ music videos.  Let me know them in comments, or write your own blog post like this one and link me to it!- AB


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  1. the fact that not one of hayley kiyoko’s legendary wlw videos made it in top three kills me just a little bit lolol. I haven’t heard of Abisha Uhl, I’ll have to check her out!


    1. These are just my own favourites- I did mention Hayley in my honourable mentions and I’d love to write a full post about her video for Feelings which is one of my favourites! However I do think that she’s getting a lot of press at the moment (which is great) so I wanted to direct my attention to something less well-known as well as a music style which is more my own personal taste, I’m into more indie/pop-punk stuff a lot of the time 🙂

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